Luxembourg Institute of Health

SimonePI: Dr. Simone Niclou
Associate professor Department of Biomedicine, University of Bergen
Luxembourg Institute of Health
Address :84, Val Fleuri, L-1526 Luxembourg
Tel.: +352 26 970 273

lihHeaded by Dr. Simone P. Niclou, the NorLux Neuro-
Oncology Laboratory has developed animal models to study glioma development in vivo, and has applied cell micro-encapsulation technology for the delivery of therapeutic proteins in brain diseases. The laboratory has key competences in basic cell and molecular biology, rodent models, neurosurgery on small animals, and cutting-edge in vivo imaging techniques. Major research topics include, anti-angiogenic treatment against brain tumors, tumor heterogeneity and adaptability, and tumor cell metabolism. Through CRP-Santé’s Competence Center platforms and collaborating national and international organizations, the laboratory has access to cutting-edge technologies for genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics profiling.

The NorLux Neuro-Oncology Laboratory carries out basic and pre-clinical research with an emphasis in two major areas:  1) understanding the biological mechanisms underlying the initiation and progression of malignant gliomas and, 2) identification of novel molecular targets for therapies against brain tumors. The ultimate goal of the laboratory is to improve current treatment options for patients with brain tumors.

The laboratory is active in the following specific research areas: